Turn your content into
Content Marketing!

With our intelligent solutions we help you to continue being successful in the future.

Are you fed up with Excel lists?
So are we!

Get rid of Excel lists that have to be painstakingly shared or looked at in the office! You can organise everything from idea to publication in one tool, without having to use a single Excel list. Since our editorial planning is available in the browser, you can access it from anywhere to change, to plan, or to create something. This makes your planning a living, dynamic workflow that you can manage regardless of location. Our automation and synchronisation processes take care of all the painstaking work.

Got lost in content measures?
We show you content synergies!

Content measures are complex, so it’s no wonder that planning, organisation and creation have a tunnel vision of their own measures. We actively support you in seeing the work of other teams and finding synergies between content measures. Network not only in social media, but already during content creation, in order to represent optimal cooperation and a uniform and comprehensive image to the outside world.

Lost the thread of your strategy?
We bundle your power!

Your strategy stands – for the campaign, but also for individual measures or publications. To ensure that it is always available in the right place, we use story folders to structure your content. Either as a campaign itself or – by integrating subordinate story folders – explicitly for individual actions. This way you never lose sight of your strategy. Our Story Folders also support you in collecting all the content you are looking for. From a set of content elements – collected centrally in a folder – you can then choose what is best suited to your goal. For each channel!

“Where on earth did my content disappear to?”
Our answer: It’ s right here!

No idea where to put your content so it can be retrieved at any time? Nothing ever gets in the way with us and no archive drawer gets dusty! Our integrated media library is not just a collection container for individual contents, but a full-fledged digital asset management system – including search profiles, upload functions, job folders. As a result, you have a powerful tool at your fingertips for accessing archived or cross-module content directly while creating content. Search the database immediately for reusable or available assets.

“I’ve done this before!”
Correct – Here you go!

There is a lot of time and effort involved in creating content. Photos, texts, videos – all have to be researched, planned and created. Use the same or similar content elements to create your own measures or to build on them. Plan independent of media, publish media-specific: Content without restrictions for the optimal positioning of your brand! We help you organising everything with just a few clicks and distributing it to where it reaches your readers.

“It’s all too complicated!”
… not with us!

You have a vision of collaborative workflows that combine all steps from idea to publication in one tool? No problem, we can incorporate them into our dynamic newsroom management. Because 12 years of experience in mapping a wide variety of publishing and editorial workflows in digital and print publishing has taught our system a lot and made it highly flexible. Therefore, together with you, we set up exactly the path you want to take.

Same is lame!

You create good content, but somehow the effect you imagined is missing? And somehow the individual silo measures do not fit together as well or do not appear like the professional content marketing strategy you had already worked out?

Then perhaps transparency and collaboration between the teams and publishers is missing, which is necessary to publish self-contained and effective content stories.

With our Digital Experience Platform you are able to give your content the attention it deserves. Use the comprehensive 360-degree management to not only produce clicks, but also to get people talking.

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