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40 years of experience in newsroom management and content planning as well as 12 years of experience in digital publishing have gone into our alfa EditorialOrganiser.

Clever story folders contain everything you need to organise a campaign or individual measures: Briefing, metadata, automated task and publication management and a central but still structured pool of all assets you need for content creation and distribution. A detailed rights management system also allows you to control who can see and edit which areas. So, it is easy to integrate freelancers, influencers or ambassadors.

Our newsroom management can do more than topic planning. In addition to an in-depth connection between the individual modules, topics themselves can be related, combined, and individually structured. This way no important information is lost.

With editorial planning, divided into topic, deadline, and comprehensive planning views, you always have an overview of ongoing or planned measures. These can be reorganised by drag-and-drop and are also full of automatisms to make your work easier. Uniform strategy planning and individual channel preparation are our daily routine.

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Application area: content management

Ideas, e-mails, files, text modules – So much confusion …

Our tool is your mindfulness trainer – we turn an e-mail into a story folder, the docx into an article, ideas and text modules come together in one place – for the benefit of your stress level. So, you can concentrate on the content while we take care of the administration.


Application area: editorial or newsroom mangement

Why do we need such a tool for newsroom management and why are we the right people for it?

Benefit from our 40 years of experience in planning and distributing content. We and our application have learned a lot from the changes regarding content in an increasingly digitalised world – right from the start. You can notice this in the possibilities we have worked out in our Digital Content Experience Platform. For your benefit!

Application area: content creation

… or why the block editor is the coolest tool for you:

Because with its high degree of flexibility and intelligent tricks it helps you to turn one content into many – channel-neutral and channel-specific and with everything that belongs to storytelling: text, multimedia, embed code … – Done and dusted!

Application area: Distribution

… or how we support publishing on a variety of channels:

Publish a content to many channels simultaneously with just one click? No problem.

Create channel-specific variants from a content and then distribute them? No problem either. Finish everything now and get it out there, or wait until later to publish it? Sure – and be done with it!

You decide, the system follows you.

Success – Personalised authentic content with strategic impact

No more in-content-inence!

With the many collaboration and transparency features, we actively support your teams in joining forces to publish consistent and strategically effective content. In doing so, you show your customers that your brand is more than a product supplier – it is an expert in exactly the area they need. This not only enhances your image, but also your reach and customer interaction, and provides for optimal branding effects.

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