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Set focus on the essential – your content. Our wide-ranging features are the ideal basis for a carefree working environment. Click. Click. Publish: It’s as simple as that.

The digital future is determined not only by intuitive and channel-specific content creation, but also by efficient and optimally organised editorial management. Let alfa Media provide you with optimum support for all these tasks. Create a perfectly organised newsroom management system, with everything that goes with it, in a single application!

Our solution for you maps the entire content lifecycle of your newsroom to support your team flexibly and intuitively from content planning to archiving. Our efficient processes help you to plan your content effectively, manage and assign employees no matter where they are located. Create coherent storyline concepts that can be quickly adapted to the target groups thanks to our media-neutral management.

Create and monetise the best possible user experience for online, print, mobile devices, social media, local or national target groups. There are no limits to content creation; within our Digital Experience Platform we offer a wide range of options for managing, creating, and marketing your content, from classic articles to video creation. Content without restrictions for the optimal positioning of your brand!

Everything for newsroom management under one roof

Campaign and topic planning

Describing our campaign and topic planning in one or two sentences is really difficult, simply because it offers so many possibilities. However, we would love to convince you of these possibilities in a demo.

Editorial calendar

In the calendar you can see all planned campaigns or topics, specific to a team or company-wide – with just one click.

Company specific scheduling tables

From a variety of scheduling tables, you can choose the one that suits you best. Planning is then conveniently done via drag & drop. Channel-specific and accurate.

Automated task and distribution management / publishing schedule system

Using predefined sets of our publishing schedule system – you can have planned publications and tasks created automatically by the system while you concentrate on the essentials: The content.

Duty and resource planning

In the included duty and resource planning you not only see immediately who is available at what time, the system also takes vacancies into account when assigning appointments or tasks with deadlines.

Appointment vacancy check

Based on the included duty roster and shift planning, the system takes the assigned services of the employees into account when creating appointments and tasks. Colleagues who are on duty or off duty outside the office are not even listed for assignment.

Customisable Content Creation

Modern working with storytelling through the block editor

The block editor offers the possibility to enter content 100% flexibly or controlled by editor templates. And that on a channel-specific basis. By working with blocks, the focus of a story can be changed quickly and conveniently by re-sorting.

Collaborative working

The EditorialOrganiser is designed for collaboration and transparency. Each team can draw inspiration from the other, so that good content can be recycled immediately or in a processed form.

Digital asset management

Behind the integrated media library is a full-fledged digital asset management. Organise your content in workbooks, search across modules and keep track of the latest changes.

Content creation and management

In so-called topic folders you first collect everything you need for content creation in a channel-neutral way. These folders can be shared with other employees, scheduled, extended, moved, etc. In channel-specific variants you then create exactly the content you need for a specific channel.


On the individualised dashboard, every employee finds exactly the view he/she needs for his/her daily work. No matter whether it’s task overviews, search results or e-mail inboxes.

Multi-channel publishing

Content collected channel-neutrally in the EditorialOrganiser is prepared channel-specifically and published immediately or planned in different channels via connected exporters. Whether online CMS, blog, social media or to a print system.

… and much more!


In order to further support you in focusing on the essentials, we can take over unloved tasks such as the indexing of texts, images, videos or even audio files by means of numerous artificial intelligences and automations.

Workflow AI

Once set up, always prepared: Our high usability standards and numerous automatisms make it easy for you to work after a one-time setup. For example, through the automatic sorting of topics into a topic structure.


The EditorialOrganiser is highly flexible. Therefore, you can establish and implement your own personal workflow. With its numerous customisation options, we turn the EditorialOrganiser into your system.


Deleted a story by mistake? No problem. In every topic folder, but also across all modules, there are histories that can be used to trace and undo actions that were carried out by mistake.


Let us inform you about the status of the topics, campaigns, or dates. Even if a deadline is approaching and no progress has been made yet, we can inform you automatically and promptly.

API interfaces to external tools

Are you missing a function in our system or would you like to have an external tool connected? No problem, as long as it has an open API.

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